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June 15 - 21 - 2014

For the past few weeks the open ocean has been very calm. Tuesday a low pressure came through and it got everything moving. At times there were swells as big as 10 - 15 feet in open water. We saw rain about half the week.

The couple from Kalispell did very well on the King Salmon. They ended the week, 2 shy of their annual limit.

Don & Ray from Battle Ground came up again. I was nervous that this year there trip would not meet their expectations. Last year they caught a 173, and a 120 lb Halibut. The first few days were slow and then they hit a home run. They brought in a 150 lb Halibut.

Adam and Jared (KSL Outdoors) had a big one up to the side of the boat, but were not able to land the big one. Friday was there best day they brought in several in the 80 lb class. Look for the show to air in early July. -

I thought we would see more Pinks and Silvers, but they are still in low numbers this week. We talked to a boat traveling south down the outer coast and they reported seeing salmon jumping all over from Yakutat to Cape Spencer. It won’t be long until they are in the sound in large numbers.

For those of you who have not done your homework, please study the new guest page.


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