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June 23 - 28 - 2014

What an excellent group of fishermen this week. Windy weather, waves and rain could not stop them. Limits of King Salmon on the dock, daily! Almost every boat got their annual limit of King Salmon! Most of the kings were caught down the coast. The weather was not the best, very windy conditions and it rained every day but Friday.

The biggest halibut for the week was 127 lbs. We saw several over 90 lbs and a bunch in the 50 - 60 lb range.

The big story for this week, was the King Salmon. In all of my years in Alaska, I have not seen the fishing this good for King Salmon. This is the year to fish for Kings! Toward the end of the week we started seeing Silvers also. And of course Pinks and Chums are starting to show up.


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