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July 6 - 12 - 2014

This week we had all new guests, that had never fished with us before. I was looking forward to an easy week of filleting fish, but it was not to be!

The first couple of days the Silver bite was slow, and then mid week, they really starting hitting, we had several boats limiting out.

Halibut was exceptional this week. We had many big halibut, and most of them came in depths of 100 feet or less. The biggest for the week was 140 lbs, caught by the Davenports. Biggest Silvers were caught by the Staker group - 13 lbs! We had a few nice calm days, but the majority of the week was rain. This summer is turning out to be much wetter than last summer. The boats that did not travel very much did the best on Halibut. Between Column Point and Bird Island with the exception of another big one from Texas. Pink Salmon was the bait of choice, the Halibut seem to like the fresh Pink Salmon. The tides this week were very small, this next week we have some -2.0 tides.


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