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June 19th week

What a fun week. The weather was good this week, we had some flat calm days and a few that had some swells in the open ocean, Monday was the worst day for the open ocean. Not much rain at all this week. The next 5 days it looks like some rain in the forecast. - for marine forecast.

Kings - Still not anything like last year. But we did have several come in. The biggest one was caught by Jerry from Montana ( 22 lbs).

The big story this week was the Silvers/Coho. Lots of them down around Yakobi area. 20' and 100' down on the down rigger. Mainly hoochies and spoons for the Coho.

Halibut are still very strong. The two biggest were right around 135 lbs. And yes I will admit it, the guys from PA did very well, yes there are outdoorsman in PA! Hope to see more of them next year! Halibut just seem to be hungry right now. Lots of limits every day. We also had a few nice Ling Cod this week, and some more yellow eyes.

As I am getting older I am starting to notice little things more. For example the guys that seem to be wealthy seem to get up early in the morning. And the really good fishermen, seem to be very good at listening and taking as much knowledge from other fishermen as they possibly can. And this one is a first - a really good halibut fishermen sleeps with butt juice herring oil and a secret brine by their night stand. What's really crazy and those out there that have ever smelled butt juice will understand, why would you have butt juice in your bedroom? This week Dave had his secret combination of halibut scent, but juice, smelly jelly squid, and salt. He soaked his bait in this butt juice concoction. And no Dave did not catch a 300 lb halibut, but he caught an 80 lb halibut. And no he did not have his bait soaking in his bedroom, he left that in his boat for the night thank goodness. Very grateful for our guests and their passion and desire to fish in Alaska!


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