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June 30 Fishing Update

The weeks are really starting to fly by. This week was down a bit for catch rates. We had several boats this week that were first time guests, so it always takes some time to get adjusted to a new place and learn where to fish. Fog was the big story this week. Juneau is very warm and the open ocean is not so we have very foggy conditions, I expect this to remain for another week or so. We are seeing silvers and pinks and chums on the dock. We again had several halibut over 100 lbs this week. One group really did good on the Yellow Eye Rock fish! Towards the end of the week the tides started to increase in size so as a result we had some strong current days. This made for some swells around the points and passes. Out in the open ocean it was not to bad though. We got another new boat to try out, Bo with Defiance made us a 22’ Admiral with a 200 hp Yamaha and a 9.9 kicker. I really like it! Lots of deck space and the 2nd helm station to run the kicker is really nice. On Sunday to get guests in we had to meet Ward Air on the other side of South Pass. We felt very lucky to get the guests in on Sunday it was a very foggy Sunday! Mary got the smoker going yesterday for salmon! Very excited to have fresh smoked King Salmon!!


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