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Feb 7th Update

Feb 7th Update

I just got home from the PuYallup Sportsman’s Show. We had a good crowd and it was well attended. Thank you to all of the guests that stopped by to say hello. We have a few open weeks left, I keep getting asked why we are doing shows. The Denver Show last year had over 50 Alaska Lodges attend, this year there was only 22. I have seen this trend at all of the shows. I believe many of these lodges are booked full and feel they do not need to do the shows. We plan on continuing to do the shows, so please stop by and say hello!

For staff this summer you will see many of the familiar faces mixed with lots of new ones. Mary and I are excited about this summer we think we have put together another great team.

For the new guests this summer, please start looking over the charts to become aquatinted with the islands and land marks. Also go to this link - - There are some great links here for fish identification and the regulations.

Let’s go fishing!



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