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June 11th Fishing Update

When you look at the marine forecast for Cross Sound ( ) and it has lots of 10 kt wind forecast for the coming days, it is hard to not get excited. Another sunny nice day here in Elfin Cove! I love it! Last night at dinner I had several guests say they had one more king to get their limit for the week! Pretty awesome to hear that! The King Salmon fishing is getting really good. One guest reported football field size bait balls on the surface yesterday. Halibut slowed down a bit the past few days, I think more time is being spent chasing the Kings. We had several 45" + Ling cod released. Fishing is good right now!

For those that have signed up for the Stabi Craft boats I have a request? Fuel in Elfin Cove is getting very expensive this year. If you go full throttle in these boats they burn over 18 gph. If you back off just a bit you will loose a few mph but the gph goes to 11 gph. I really need you to not go full throttle please?

Mary is working on sending out invoices for 2022. We are starting to see more requests for weeks that we are showing full, so in an attempt to be as accurate as we can, we would like to firm up every week. For 2023 I am working on getting the regular guests in so that we can open it up this fall to new guests. If you have fished with us and want to return in 2023, please send me an email so I can pencil you in before this fall. Thank you again to all of our guests we really appreciate you all!

Kelly & Mary


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