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June 9th Fishing Update

Wow what a start to the fishing season! King salmon are in down the coast. Some were caught 65' down on the down rigger, mostly with hoochies with a twinkle skirt underneath. Biggest halibut was 146 lbs, came off the saddle, halibut seem to be all over, some came from George Island, and some others from Texas. We had several humpback whale bubble netting reported on June 8th. Love the sunny weather! It was wet for quite some time and the last three days have been sunny, very much needed sun!! 3 Silvers caught on June 8th and we have had 6 pink salmon so far also. For silvers and pinks that is a week early, good sign hoping for more to follow shortly. We need more fishermen in early June, do not be afraid of fishing in June, this is a great time to fish for King Salmon and Halibut!



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