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March 22nd Update

Thank you to everyone who visited with us at the Sports Shows this winter. We are very grateful for the opportunity we have to get to know so many great folks! Looking forward to this summer.

I still have a few weeks open - click here for current openings - -

I also have a big favor to ask. I got reminded at the ISE SLC show that one of our web pages was not up to date. I am in need of some new testimonials. If you could take a minute or two and just email me a short paragraph about your experience at Waters Edge I would really appreciate it. I want to post it on our testimonial page on our website.

This Monday we make our annual trip to Seattle with a Penske truck to ship our supplies up to Elfin Cove, it will then go by AML barge to Juneau, then by landing craft (Sea Level Transport) to Elfin Cove. Jeremy and I plan to be in Elfin Cove on the 20th of April if all goes well. Next blog post will be from Elfin Cove!!



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