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Aug 14 - 20 - 2011

Monday we experienced a pretty good fall storm, lots of rain and wind. The black boat brought back a limit of Silvers before noon. And we had one 30 lb halibut, the other boats came close to their limits of Silvers.

Tuesday good weather and better fishing. Every boat got their limit of Silvers and more halibut was caught.

Wednesday limits of halibut and silvers. I do not have many photos from this week, I was to busy filleting. I really appreciated the help on the dock, many of the guests helped get all the work done at night.

Thursday 3 - 100 lb + halibut on the dock and lots of other good ones, limits of Silvers!

Friday - Another big storm grounded all float planes so we were lucky enough to contact some old friends who brought a big catamaran out to get the guests Friday night. So Friday was a bust for fishing, the 13 person group went home with 31 boxes of fish. Wind and rain did not stop them pretty amazing to see the determination of a fishermen!

For those guests still to come visit us, please put some sunshine in a bottle and bring it up please!

Kelly & Mary

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