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Aug 21 - 27 - 2011

What a difference a week makes. Last week was red hot, this week was not. We had some difficult weather; rain and swells in the ocean. Salmon were hard to find. The guests this week are good fishermen very experienced and capable, but the salmon really seemed to have moved and we did not get a replenishing supply this week. The reports we are getting is that there are still more coming. I am hoping the bigger tides this weekend and next week, will bring more fish in. Halibut was also difficult, no big halibut this week and the small ones were also hard to find.

The bright spots for the week were when John caught his first Sockeye, and on Thursday, Tom and John caught 11 Silvers, one shy of a limit for them. The best day by far was Friday, two boats limited on Silvers and one was just a few shy of a limit.

Kelly & Mary

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