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Aug 5 - 11 2012

On Monday Nathan from Oakley, Idaho landed a fish almost as big as he was. On Tuesday his cousin Brett at about the same time of day and same location landed one a few pounds bigger. On Wednesday they finally let Dad & Uncle Gary land a big one. Three big halibut all from the same spot, pretty amazing. The biggest halibut for the week was caught by Boyd 118 lbs. At the beginning of the week he said he had not caught a halibut yet and wanted to do so - what a way to start halibut fishing with a big 118 lb. trophy fish!

Mark dropped off his halibut and went out for salmon about 5:00PM, at 6:15PM he returned with a limit of Silvers! The Silvers are now around three hill and the catch rates have really gone up. We had two big ones, 17 lb and a 16 lb! On Friday one boat was fishing the surface with just a torpedo weight and another boat was fishing 5o feet down off a down rigger, and both got their limit. Most of them were caught trolling a hoochie with a flasher. Monday was very windy and as the week progressed we saw better weather, there was even a report that someone saw some blue sky.

Kelly & Mary

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