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June 23 - 29 - 2013

Very good week. We had great weather not much rain at all, I think one day it showered for an hour or so. Several Kings brought into the dock. A giant Ling Cod! 57” 72 lb ling cod! 120 & 140 lb Halibut and lots of pinks and chums and silvers. Last week the silvers were one or two, this week we had limits of silvers on Thursday and Friday. The better Silver fishing was down the coast around Yakobi Rock. Strong tides this week also, we had a -3 low.

We had one close encounter with an Orca, the whale chased a silver right to the boat. As the Silver landed in the net the Orca turned and changed it’s course. Humpback whales are also in big numbers around South Pass and Yakobi. Lots of bait on the surface this past week with the birds diving after them.

The 140 lb Halibut was caught about 1/2 mile from the mouth of the cove on 20 lb test line. While trolling for salmon this huge halibut took the bait. A couple of hours later a very big halibut was pulled over the rail! Amazing story of patience and strength of fishing line and rod.


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