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July 21 - 27 - 2013

What a roller coaster this week was! Monday was really slow, Tuesday was really slow, Wednesday was a little better and Thursday and Friday the guests caught so much fish they almost sank my freezer!

Weather was pretty good all week, light winds and very little rain. Biggest halibut for the week was caught by Tom of Bountiful Utah - 118 lbs. The guys from Team Mechanical lost a huge one on Friday, had it next to the boat and got a good look at it, and then it took off and broke the leader. They estimate it was over 6 or 7 feet long. Silvers really started coming in on Thursday. The biggest one for the week was 16 lbs. Most were caught on the surface down around Yakobi rock. Very fun time of year when the silvers get this big!


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