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July 13 - 19 - 2014

Another week has come and gone. This week we had a group that was relaxed and not so focused on fishing. Skip said he thought his fish would wait until after breakfast.

Halibut was pretty good this week. 5 over 100 lbs! Biggest one was 138 lbs. The scale does go to 600 lbs, starting to think it is stuck on 138, we seem to see that number a lot this year. Hot spots this week were Stanley Mesa, and Texas.

Silvers seem to be down by Yakobi. The biggest one this week was 15.2 lbs! Very nice looking Salmon, it had a start of a hook nose and a big fat belly. Pinks are now here in good numbers.

This group discovered the black rock fish, they had a blast catching them, and watching them get into a feeding frenzy.

The weather this week was really good. Thursday and Friday were possible the best days of the year! The water was very nice and calm and the temps were almost to warm.


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