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July 20 - 26 - 2014

Feeding Frenzy! “We unhooked the little halibut and let it go and a sea lion grabbed it just as we let it go” - “We released a rock fish and this big fish came up and grabbed it as it took off it rolled and we could see it’s white belly, biggest halibut we have every seen” - “I was reelling in this 70 lb halibut when it went racing to the surface and jumped out of the water” - “I can’t believe we caught a 173 lb halibut in 65 feet of water”

These are not exact quotes, but you get the idea. The fishing action this week was fantastic!

Jason and Stephen on Monday got the ball rolling when they came back in midday with a limit of Halibut, one over 100 lbs and the other three in the 70 - 80 lb range. The peak of the week seemed to be on Wednesday. Brett caught the biggest one - 173 lbs! They reported being in 65 feet of water near the soapstone area. For bait they were soaking a whole pink salmon. The big Halibut took the whole thing in one bite, Brett let it have line and as the fish started to move away he slowly tightened the line and set the hook. Nothing beats catching Halibut in shallow water!

Monday and Tuesday were very slow for Silvers and Wednesday they showed up. Everyone seemed to get into Silvers really good on Wed Thurs, & Friday.

The weather was really good this week. Friday was the worst day, rained most of they day and was very windy.


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