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July 27 - Aug 2 - 2014

We have had highs and lows the last two weeks. Monday and Tuesday of last week were very slow for salmon then Wed, Thurs, Friday were very good. This past week was a repeat of Monday and Tuesday. Silver fishing has been very slow for our guests. On Friday we did have one boat get near a limit of Silvers, but for the most part fishing for Silvers is below our normal average. There seems to be some cold water in Cross Sound that is holding them off shore.

Halibut was also very different this week. For the most part halibut fishing was very slow this week. We had 4 over 100 lbs, and one nearly broke 200. Clay caught a 193 lb Halibut on Monday. He was fishing a whole pink salmon in 218 feet of water. They reported fishing around the Shark Fin area, but when we looked at their GPS they appeared to be in South Pass. A good fishermen can always keep a secret!

On Friday Dennis came in to the dock and asked me to identify a salmon for him, he was afraid it might be a king cause it was so big. I was very happy to say nope that is a Silver. It weighed in at 16.5 lbs. Very nice looking Salmon!

Weather was pretty good this week, we had light winds all week, rain on Mon and Tuesday.


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