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July 19 - 25 - 2015

The fishing has been so good this summer I was starting to think - how long could it last - Monday the fishing was very slow, no silvers no halibut and just a few pinks. Tuesday almost as bad as Monday, a few silvers some small halibut and very few pinks. Normally we use Pinks for bait and do not send them home in the boxes, Monday and Tuesday we had guests keeping Pinks to take home. Wednesday was a completely different story. Glenn came in with the first big Halibut it weighed in at 122 lbs. Then Mary and I were over by the float plane dock picking up some lettuce that came in on Ward Air, and as we were coming through we ran into Vance and Addison. “We caught a big one,” they said. We yelled hold it up lets see it? Addison did his best attempt at holding it up, the tail was about all he could handle to show us. By the time they made it to the photo dock, word had spread and a crowd had gathered to see how big the fish was. The dock guys tried to weigh it but it was to tall for our fish hanging beam. So they let it down and hog tied it and weighed it that way. 79” long 256 lbs, caught in 75’ of water near Cape Spencer. Waters Edge Lodge new record! Way to go Vance and Addison! Thursday was another great day. Glenn’s boat brought in a 172, 157, 123, & 85! What a haul! Kent and Jeff also got a 126 lb halibut on Thursday. And on Friday Earland and the guys from Deweyville brought in a really nice catch of halibut all around the 80 - 90 lb range. What a week! The Silvers seem to be hanging off the coast and are reluctant to show up at Three Hill. Hoping for the Silvers to show up this coming week.


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