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Aug 9 - 15 - 2015

The weather was the story this week, it started off windy with heavy rain and then quickly changed to calm water and blue skies. This week was amazing, a breeze would come thru the cove and it will feel good, it was a near perfect week for weather.

The Silvers were again not what I was hoping. Normally I look for boats that did limit on Silvers and then try to help the ones that did not limit. I think we had three days this week with boats that had a limit, and not every boat, just two or three. It seems like the bite would come on in front of Three Hill and if you were there you got them if you missed the bite then you missed it for the day. We had one group catching them on the surface with 8” flashers and hoochies, and some were down as far 60’. We had a few 13 lb coho, but for the most part they are still smaller. Looking for them to get bigger and more numerous!

Pinks are still here in abundance.

Halibut are very strong again this week. 150 lbs was the biggest this week. They were caught all over this week. Some inside and some outside. We had one halibut come in that weighed in at 112 lbs. It’s stomach had a big bulge in it. When you pushed on it, it seemed to feel like it was filled with air, almost like a balloon would feel. We were very curious to see what was in the stomach, so while on the scale we cut it open, and out flopped a huge Octopus. The scale now read 103 lbs.

Lot’s of sea bass going home this week. Many of the returning guests have figured out how easy they are to catch and how good they taste!


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