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Sept 6 - 12 - 2015

Wow what a week for Silvers/Coho! Halibut seem to have slowed down, but the Silvers are awesome. Peak of the Silver run right now. Makes me wish we had some more guests next week! Three Hill is the hot spot. I had some guests returning to the lodge before noon to drop off their limits! Was very good fishing all week. We did have some windy weather Thursday and Friday, but the other days were near perfect. What a great week to end the 2015 season!

We did have a 92 lb Halibut caught near Soapstone. But for the most part Halibut were harder to find this week.

Saturday we plan to take all of the boats to Juneau for storage for the winter. Weather forecast looks good, hopefully it is a smooth ride to town.


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