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2015 Fishing Summary

The weather pattern for this summer was unusual and seemed to have an impact on the salmon fishing. When I got off the ferry in April it had rained for 14 days in a row in Juneau. The day of my arrival the sun came out and it was beautiful. For the next month or so we had very dry and very nice weather, it seemed to last well into July. Then we had about three weeks that it rained almost every day, in a very wet pattern until mid-August when we had an early fall storm resulting in a missed day of fishing. The remainder of the season the weather was a mixture of sun and rain with very little wind.

The big story this year was the Silvers/Coho. We saw good numbers in June just like normal then around the middle of July they became scarce. We did not see outstanding Silver/Coho fishing until the 24th of August. The big storm the week prior seemed to get them moving and from that point on it was excellent fishing for Silvers/Coho. The last 3 weeks we had guests coming back after an hour or two of fishing in front of Three Hill with their limits! It is a guess that open ocean water temperatures that were warmer than normal had in impact on the salmon migrations.

Halibut were again very strong in numbers. We were better than our past averages for 100+ pound halibut…the halibut fishing was excellent and for those of you with a monster halibut on your bucket list, your chances are great. This summer the biggest one came from the Cape Spencer area. While fishing in around 100’ of water Vance and Addison hooked into a 100+ pounder, they attempted to land it 4 times and eventually it got a way. Feeling frustrated they let their line down again and their next hook up was the one!! They got it to the surface and ended up getting it in the boat with the help of a neighboring boat. It weighed in at 256 lbs! A new lodge record, what a catch!

Thank you to each of you for friendship and support by fishing at Waters Edge Lodge. We are looking forward to catching up with you at the sportsmen’s shows this winter and fishing with you again next summer. If you haven’t had a chance to book, give us a call…someone needs to break the new lodge record!

Kelly & Mary

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