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June 5th week

Wow what a great week we just had. Monday was a bit rainy and windy, Tuesday was just perfect, Wed was again great weather, Thursday got windy in the afternoon. Right now it is Friday morning looks like another great weather day. 165 lb halibut was the biggest it came off of Casino, 115 lb was next off of Stanley, and 110 lb off of Stanley. 75% of the guests this week caught a halibut over 110 lbs. I know sounds really good, we had only 4 guests this week. If this is any indication as to what our summer is going to be like for halibut - it is going to be wild. Kings are starting to show, we had a limit from one boat one day and two others. Soapstone and Althorp and Surge Bay is where the kings came from. Herring and Spoons were what worked for kings. - 5:00pm Friday - Today was crazy Adam (dock Staff) caught a 145lb halibut, Kirk and Jim caught a 127lb Bob landed an 80 lb halibut.


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