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June 26th Week

This week the open ocean was very calm, we had several reports of total glass like water from Cape Spencer to Yakobi. Very little rain. Friday was supposed to be windy and rain, but it was not to bad.

The Kings are still slower than normal. I was hoping this week would be the big change from last week. We had 5 on one day, the biggest one was caught by Jerry and Theresa. It weighed in at 18 lbs, Jerry always guts and ices his Kings so I am guessing it was over 21 lbs. It may take a few minutes longer but if you can ice down your salmon the meat quality is much better. Each day the boats are stocked with ice so take advantage of this and keep your catch as cool as possible till we can get it in the freezer.

Silver/Coho are now in down at Yakobi Rock. Limits are common nearly every day. Pinks and Chums are also starting to be very abundant.

Halibut was a bit slower this week compared to last week. The biggest one was 135 lbs. It was caught over on the North side of Cross Sound. We are cutting the stomachs of the halibut open and we have not seen many salmon in them yet. Mainly smaller bait fish. No Octopus beaks yet either. The dock staff are in full swing now with filleting. Two weeks ago they were pretty cautious and careful and slow, now they are getting pretty fast. The annual King Salmon Season opened for the Commercial Trolling Fleet. Elfin Cove gets pretty busy and then over night becomes a ghost town as the trollers head out to fish. Kings are going for around $7 per pound right now.

Things to study for those that are coming up this summer. How to run the Windlass to pull anchor. Lowrance GPS Operation. Looking forward to next week and the 4th of July celebration. On a personal note, Claire filleted her first big halibut last week. Jim from the week before last let her carve into his 100lber! She was very excited and did a good job!


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