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July 3rd Fishing Report

Weather again is the big story. This is going to be the warmest sunniest summer I have ever experienced in Alaska. We have had warm days before, but not for this duration. Cross Sound has been amazing. Flat calm water, blue skies, warm temps.

Biggest Halibut this week was 140 lbs. Pinks, Chums, Silvers are now making their way closer to Elfin Cove. The Pinks are really starting to pour thru the pass. I was in the laundry chute the other day and the Sea Lions were in a feeding frenzy going after the Pink Salmon. We had one King Salmon this week. Limits and limits of Silvers. Several of the boats started using the Dipsy Divers, about 100 feet out and a blue with silver hoochie. Was a lot of fun listening to the radio, there were several times boats were competing to see who got to their limit first.

When the boats come in to the cove we like them to radio and let us know they are on their way in. Jerry started a little rhyme as he entered each day. This week there were several attempts, but Jerry is King he has it down, no one compares to Jerry!

The 4th of July was a ton of fun. The big news for the 4th Celebrations is that Michael has been dethroned! Mike had won the greased pole contest 3 years in a row. Sadly is run is over, maybe next year Mike! Humpy Toss, Humpy Head Bobbing, Carnival for the kids were all very exciting!

If you are a first time guest, please spend some time on the new guest page. Look at the map and try to learn some of the land marks. Go to the pro troll page and learn how to rig for salmon fishing. If you need a fishing report during the week call 907.239.2351!

-!new-guest/k3f5s -

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Mary greeting new guests.  Love the new float plane dock!

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