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July 24th Week Fishing Report

Let's cover the weather first. Last Friday we had a big storm it rolled in on Friday night and was here all day Saturday. On Saturday morning on our way back to Juneau we rounded Point Adolphus and we ran into some good size waves, maybe 6-7 foot. One of them rocked the big 78’ boat so hard that the fish boxes shifted off the pallets, I thought the inside passage was supposed to be calm all the time? Our summer is officially over! We are now into a shower every hour or so pattern. Wednesday it rained all day. So, we had dry weather for almost a month and now it seems to have really changed to wet weather. The good news is that this should help the Silver/Coho start smelling the fresh water and get them moving closer to us.

Silvers were slower this week and do not seem to be at Three Hill yet. On Friday Ken and his guys from Seattle landed 13 Silver/Coho down past Yakobi. I am expecting next week to be a much bigger week for Silvers. So if you are fishing with us next week, get ready! For more good info on how to troll for salmon go to Pro Trolls Website and do some homework it will help when you get up here. -

Halibut was really good this week. I am always hesitant to put numbers out there because you hate to judge whether your trip was good or not based upon what you caught. Sometimes a guest will catch a 40 lb Halibut and it is the biggest halibut they have ever caught, where another person might not be happy unless they get a 200lb Halibut! So anyway always be grateful of what you catch! So this week we had 13 Halibut over 100 lbs. We had 39 guests fishing this week. So I graduated from Declo High School but I was not a real great student, help me with the math? Is that 1 out of 3? 1 out of 3 guests caught a halibut over 100 lbs! Kent has fished Alaska many times and so I guess you can say he has graduated to another level. He came back in Monday with this story of fighting a big halibut on light tackle for over 45 minutes and then loosing it just before it got to the boat. On Wednesday Kent came back with a smile on his face, he landed a 123 lb Halibut on a small jig he brought with a salmon reel and 40lb test line with that same small jig. The guys from Seattle landed two giant Halibut on Friday in 60 feet of water 180 lbs and 171 lbs. The Hamstra group did really well; they only got one Halibut over 100 lbs, but the rest of them were really nice 60-70 lb halibut! This might be one of the best weeks we have had for Halibut this year!

Doug Adams - brought us a really nice gift. It is a bell to ring for dinner and you also get to ring it if you catch a big fish that day! Very amazing bell! We love it, thanks Doug!


Halibut 120lbs Alex 119lbs !!

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