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June 25th week

I was really looking forward to seeing what this week would produce. After last week, I knew it would be a tall order to top. But this week was very challenging. We had some windy weather the first two days of the week. The rest of the week was pretty good and then Friday we finished the week off with another small craft advisory.

So, the salmon report is not great. Friday was a good day, but rough water conditions, I had two boats return by 9:30 with limits of Silvers. We did have some Kings, but only a handful nothing like the week before.

We did see some ok halibut, one over 100 lbs this week. Mary and I went inside and fished the Sally spot, but only caught two halibut that we released. It was nice to get off the island to fish for a few hours.

New guests coming up this summer; please read the new guest page, there are many good links for helping you be successful while fishing. For example - - will help you while fishing for salmon. Spend some time looking at the information on the website.

If you are worried about seasickness take the time to visit your doctor and get a prescription for Transderm Scop patch. One patch is good for 72 hours and we have seen people have great success with the patch. Dramamine and Bonine can also be effective for seasickness.


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