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July 2nd Week

The 4th of July in Elfin Cove is always fun! This year we had a few rain drops fall during the day, but it did not stop the celebration.

The weather and the fishing were much improved for this week. The halibut were back to normal again. We saw many over 100 lbs. The biggest was Jerry & Caleb 127 lb halibut.

We had a commercial opening for King Salmon that started on July 1st. This year they were only allotted 65,000 lbs so the king opening only lasted 2 days.

Silvers are still showing in big numbers. And this week the pinks showed up. Starting to see pinks on the dock every day. We did have a few guests that wanted to take them home, but the majority went into the freezer for bait for halibut fishing the next day. The silvers seem to be in 30 - 70 foot down on the down rigger. We had several boats use the dipsy divers this week and did just as good as the down riggers. A green flasher and a green hoochie were hot at times, but I heard other guests say a white glow hoochie was the best. Tides were much smaller this week, which made it easier for halibut fishing. Texas, Soapstone point, The Stanley Mesa seem to be the hot spots for halibut.


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