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Mid Season Fishing Report

We are past mid season, I have been meaning to do this for a few weeks. Our King Season was a little slower than in past years. The limits this year stayed at 1 per day and 3 per year. The past three years we have had the limits for kings changed to 2 per day and 6 per year for the month of June.

Halibut is right on pace for our normal average. Biggest one so far is 172 lbs. This halibut was caught by Greg Hands. It was caught out on the saddle out in the middle of Cross Sound. At first the halibut were not on the inside at all we had to go to open ocean for them, but a few weeks ago when the pinks hit the coast the halibut really started to get hot inside as well as outside waters.

Silvers showed up right on schedule and have been going really strong all summer long. One of the gauges to tell how good the silvers are is to see how many trollers are out there. One day I was out at Yakobi and I counted over 150.

Weather is the other major thing here. So far this summer has been a bit colder and more wet than normal. The last few weeks the open ocean has been so calm.

One thing we struggle with is the skill level of our fishermen. We try on Sunday night to educate the best we can on regulations and fishing stuff, but it can sometimes be a challenge for the first time guests, there are so many little things to remember and learn. So please do your homework and look over the regulations and links on our website.

This year we have seen our bookings increase dramatically for 2018. It is always our policy to let the past guests have first opportunity at booking for future years. If you are thinking of returning for the 2018 or 2019 season please let me know. I try and keep the openings page up to date. We are also trying to be more firm on our deposits policy, we need you to put down a deposit from now on to ensure that you are confirmed.

Looking forward to see what the rest of the season brings.


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