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August 13th Fishing Update

I know I am fired, I am very late in getting this fishing update done for this past week. In my defense we had some wet weather and I did not make it back to the cove until Sunday.

Silvers were slower this week, but very much still here. We had many boats limit on Silvers. We had them caught at three hill and down the coast. We had many caught on the surface with divers as well some were caught deeper on the down riggers.

Weather was very opposite from the week before. We had three monsoons. On Thursday it would rain very very very very hard and then the sun would come out. Winds were not calm but were not horrible either.

The biggest halibut was caught by Dylan from Tremonton Utah. It weighed in at 173 lbs. Halibut should start to slow down anytime, but they still keep coming in. Very thankful to be in such a good fishing area.


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