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April 5th 2018

Just finished getting the trailer packed up and ready to go. Rods and Reels, lead weights, and many other supplies are ready to head north. Japeth and Jennie are taking my truck and the tailer this year to Juneau, thru Bellingham aboard the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System. Jennie is going to work in the post office and Japeth is going to manage the fuel dock in Elfin Cove. I plan to fly up on the 13th of April, we will spend some time in Juneau getting the boats ready and then as staff fly into Juneau we will start making the annual trip back to Elfin Cove. Our first guests arrive on June 3rd. Returning staff this year = Bruce (Head Chef), Jake (Shoreline Chef), Nik (Shoreline Dock Manager) Hayden (Waters Edge Dock Manager), Jessie (Hostess/Housekeeping), Kaela (Early Morning Breakfast), Kern & Linda (Fish Processing/Dinning Hall/Grandma & Grandpa). New staff for this year - Seth, Jake, Zach, Kamree, Claire = Dock Staff. Breanna (Hostess/Housekeeping). Looking forward to a great 2018 season!


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