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Today I was able to launch three boats, rain gear the whole day, it is supposed to rain an inch tonight and then rain all week. Alaska always has a way of showing you who is boss. Sometimes it is the weather sometimes the seas, and sometimes human stupidity. So I was changing a fuel filter and accidentally dropped my phone down in the bottom of the boat. 4 of our boats are Sea Hunts and they are really hard to work on. To access the bilge area you have to go in through one of the rear seats. So I go in head first and I successfully grabbed my cell phone. The only thing I did wrong was an exit strategy. So I was head first down the hull, feet up in the air and I could not get any leverage to lift myself out. After about 3 or 4 minutes of this I started to panic and somehow got myself out. 3 more boats to go and then reinforcements show up on Saturday!!!


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