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July 6 2018 Fishing Update

The big story this week is the salmon. Not sure what is going on. Normally we see Silvers/Coho by mid June. They are late. Not sure why, we are seeing no Pinks and no Silvers. We also had no Kings Salmon this week.

Halibut was much slower than last week, the biggest one was 100 lbs. It was caught on the inside waters just inside South Pass. The other hot spot was the halibut highway just on the other side of George Island.

The other big story this week was the weather. The 4th of July was amazing, over 70 degree temps with blue sky. We had fog as a result of the warm weather. It was really amazing to watch as it would roll over the mountains and go away as soon as it went through the pass. Made for a tough time getting float planes in and out of the cove.


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