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July 21 Fishing Update

Another week is complete at Waters Edge Lodge. The big news this week is again the salmon, but this time in a good way!!! Pinks and Silvers finally showed up on the coast. Thursday was the big day, lots of salmon hitting the fillet table. There was a pod of Orcas that seemed to show up with the salmon also feeding like crazy. Very fun to see the fishermen come in and give reports of salmon everywhere!

154 lbs was the biggest halibut for this week. It was caught out in front of George Island. To make it more of a challenge Larry and Lee decided to catch a 98 lb halibut at the same time. Halibut has remained steady again this week. We had a 103 lb halibut caught on a 20lb test line salmon rod and reel. While jigging for rock fish they hooked the unexpected. On Friday we saw our first salmon in a halibut stomach. We had halibut caught at Lemesurier Island, George Island, Column Point, Shark Fin, Fern Harbor.

The weather was dry this week. As far as rain this is turning out to be a very dry summer. Last year it rained all summer. So we are very thankful for the change. The water this week had a few days of big water in the open ocean and then a few good days everywhere.

We are again seeing a big surge in request for spaces to fish. I will always do my best to take care of the guests that have fished with us. But it is becoming more difficult. If you have fished with us before and want to return please send me an email and let me know so I can get you into future years before we open it up to new guests. Mary and I feel very grateful to have such wonderful guests! We hope that we can continue to meet your expectations.


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