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July 28th Fishing Update

What a summer we are having! Record temps are being set in Juneau. As a result of the warm weather in Juneau, we are seeing major amounts of fog developing on the outer coast. Sunday we had to do a water transfer on the other side of the pass. We had one rain storm that lasted an afternoon was all. The open ocean was very very nice this week, very calm fishing conditions.

Silvers were much better this week, and were a bit bigger sized. The boats that focused on Silvers got their limits. On Friday Joe and Chris had their limit by 10:00am. They were down the coast just a bit past Yakobi Rock. They ranged in depths of 80' down to some being caught on the surface. We are seeing lots and lots of little needle fish in the stomachs of the Silvers. Pinks are now in full abundance, they are making great halibut bait.

Halibut catch was again very good this week. No great big giant ones but lots of 50 - 80 lb halibut. The biggest was caught by Joe Peter from Montana it was 131 lbs. We had several nice Yellow Eye this week also.

If this is your first time to Elfin Cove, please start doing your homework now and get ready. We will do all that we can to teach you when you get here but the more preparation you can do would be greatly appreciated. Click on this link - - There are many links that you can click on and start getting familiar with all of the maps, regulations and how to operate the windlass.

Emergency Order ADF&G - - No retention of Non Pelagic Rock Fish for August


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