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Aug 4th Fishing Update

What a Salmon year. Last week was pretty good and I thought we were on an up swing. Silvers were very slow this week. We did have some rough open ocean conditions that did not help. On Wednesday we had a boat release 5 kings and lost one at the boat that they think was a 50 lb or bigger.

Fog Fog and more fog has been the story for the past 8 days or so. On Friday we had a very windy day. Cape Spencer recorded gusts over 40 kts. Not fun to have a windy day, but maybe the fog will end its occupation?

Biggest halibut for the week was 227 lbs. It was caught by Jim in about 120 feet in Dundas Bay. Larry caught a 165 lb Halibut, he was fishing with Todd, every year Todd seems to find a big halibut. I told him that one of these years he is going to have a bad year, but not this year! They caught it in 130 feet of water on the back side of the Inian Islands. Many halibut in the 80 to 90 lb class. Was a very good week for halibut. Fern Harbor, Taylor Bay, Shaw Islands were some hot spots.

Years ago when I first came to Alaska I was on the water every day checking on guests. Sometime Mary would go with me. We would pull up to a fishermen to see how they were doing, if they needed some help, I would pull up close and Mary would jump from our boat to their boat, the fishermen would give me a bit of a look, cause they wanted me to help them and not a "girl". I would return a few minutes later to find fish in the boat and very happy fishermen, I would pull up to get Mary back in my boat and now it was a different story, they now wanted her to stay! This summer at the Shoreline dock we have Claire and Kamree working as dock staff. It is interesting to see some of these macho guys react to meeting their dock staff. At first they are a bit concerned, then they see them filleting fish and all of the concerns melt away. I am constantly hearing " this is the best dock staff you've ever had, those girls are great"! Nik & Hayden are the Dock Managers, they are doing a great job this year!


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