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Aug 11 Fishing Update

We have a 5 day 6 night package, Sunday to Saturday morning. One of the main reasons we do the 5 days of fishing, is because it relieves a lot of pressure both on the guest/fishermen and the Lodge Owner. Weather is a huge factor in fishing Alaska. By fishing 5 days it is very rare that you will get 5 really bad days. This week we saw big winds, big seas, and major amounts of rain. Thursday and Friday were pretty good we had several boats limit on Silvers. The dryers got well used every night getting everything dry for the next day. I have not seen an official measurement yet, but I think we got over 8" of rain this week. The biggest halibut was 152 lbs, the 2nd biggest was 150 lbs, and we had many right around the 100 lb mark. Silvers were much slower this week due to the rough water conditions. Best fishing for Silvers was on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday one of the guests said the silver took the line out of his hand as he was trying to get it into the down rigger clip. When the Silvers are in and the bite is on, there is not much that compares to that. Sally, Three Hill, Fern Harbor were some of the hots spots for halibut. The stomach contents have been interesting this year, I keep expecting the contents to change to salmon, but we are still seeing Octupus and Crab and Rock fish.

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