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Reel Repair

In the fall I spend my time going thru our reels. We use a Shimano 700 tekota for halibut. Yes there are more expensive reels out there, but this one seems to hold up pretty good considering the abuse it goes thru each summer. Why repair and maintain reels? Why not just buy new ones? Why do we not just buy a new car each year instead of changing the oil? I am not saying that I am perfect and that I do everything exactly correct, but it seems like to me that changing the oil and driving the car seems better than buying a new one every year. The drag disks on a reel need cleaned and new grease every season. All of the other parts in the reel can wear and need replaced also. The first thing to check before you go fishing in my opinion is the reel. The first thing I would check is the drag. Set the drag on minimum drag and hold the spool with one hand and turn the handle with the other, this should be very very loose and spin freely. Tighten the drag a couple of clicks, the drag should be a little bit more stiff as you turn the handle. As you continue to increase the drag pressure you should get to the point where you can not hold on to the spool any longer. If during this process the drag goes from minimal drag to full drag, the drag disks are dirty and need cleaning. Another thing to check is the anti reverse pawl. This keeps the spool from going into free spool when a fish is taking out line. All you have to do is turn the handle forward then stop and go backwards, if the handle slips at any time, the anti reverse pawl is not catching. Another thing to always check is the line? Run your finger down the last 20' or so, if there is a nick or a fray cut 30' off and get a fresh end on the end of your line. If anyone is bored and wants to help clean reels, I am taking volunteers from 7:30am to 12:00pm daily !! :)


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