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September Fishing

I just finished a long road trip Denver - Sacramento - PuYallup. So after the dust has settled this is what I have open for the 2019 season.

June 2 - 8 : This would be King Salmon Fishing and Halibut & Ling Cod & Rock Fish. Halibut at this time are fun to fish, they seem to be hungry at this time of year as they are waiting for the big runs of salmon to hit the coast. 4 Boats open for this week.

June 9 - 15 : King Salmon will be getting better and better Halibut still really good and of course rock fish and Ling Cod. I have some very good fishermen fishing this week. Don holds the record for most halibut lbs ever caught in a week. Kirk is our Ling Cod expert he gets some big ones every year, this year Jana will be with him. And then we have the guys from Deweyville UT. Should be a fun week with these guests at the lodge. 5 Boats open for this week.

June 16 - 22 : King Salmon should be building and reaching the peak. Halibut again very good this week. We should be seeing a few pinks and a few silvers at this point. Rock fish and Ling Cod again good this week. 3 Boats open for this week.

Aug 25 - 31 : Silvers will be huge at this time of year. Mainly fishing for them at three hill which is 2 miles from Elfin Cove. Halibut are still available but by this time of year they are starting to slow a bit. Rock fish and Ling Cod still available also. 1 Boat open for this week.

Sep 1 - 7 : Silvers are reaching their peak for quantity and size. This is my personal favorite time to fish. Halibut are starting to slow down now. Rock fish and Ling Cod still there. If you are a salmon fishermen this is your week!

You can check the openings page at anytime to see what is open. Make sure you click the refresh button to get the latest updates. - --


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