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July 7 Fishing Update

Dave Greybeal this week caught the biggest halibut of the year! 195 lb halibut! Way to go Dave! The fog finally loosened its grasp on us. We had a bit of fog in the mornings but nothing like last week. We had a few showers on Thursday and Friday but still very dry week for South East Alaska. The winds were really good also this week. The Silvers really started to show up this week. We had several boats that limited every day on Silvers. The good news is that we now have lots of good halibut bait, yes the pinks have finally showed, been waiting for them! We had many many good halibut this week, lots of 50 - 60 lb halibut. We are always checking the halibut stomachs to see what is in them, this week we found a giant wolf eel, pretty cool. This was a fun week, the guests really make the place transform. When you get guests that are just happy and love to fish everything seems to be easier. We really enjoyed the guests this week. Hard to believe it is the middle of July, time is flying up here in Elfin Cove!


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