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June 21-27 Fishing Update

June 21 - 27 Fishing Update.

Silvers were slow again this week. That is the big news for this week. We had a few boats get into them at different times but no one limited on Silvers. On Monday one boat the guys from Seattle brought in 3 King Salmon! Always exciting to see Kings in the coolers of the boat.

Halibut was not red hot this week. The guests seemed to have to work hard for the halibut. The biggest one was 110 lbs. The key hole was a hot spot on Thursday but not on Friday. Cape Spencer had some good halibut come from there also. I went out with Claire and Jake this week and we could not get a halibut to bite the bait set ups we had. I switched to a jig and got several on the jig. I guess sometimes you just have to change things up to see what they like. Jake landed a 32” halibut I tried to talk him into letting it go, but he really wanted to keep it. Claire reeled in a 65 lb halibut on the whopper stopper rod. We were fishing the Sally spot.

Weather was all over the place. We had lightning with thunder one day. We had heavy rain at times. And then on Friday it was t shirt weather again. Very warm almost hot.

The tides were small this week which made halibut fishing easy, but I think we need some bigger tides to bring in some more salmon.


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