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May 15th Update

Sun is shining today in Elfin Cove again. We have been here over a week and the sun has been shining the whole time. We are under a 2 week quarantine till the 18th of May. We can not leave our property for the entire 2 weeks. So we are getting the lodges up and running.

May 19th the 2 week quarantine is set to expire. We are hoping that the Governor of Alaska does not extend it.

We are in the process of making plans for this summer. Going to be some changes to keep everyone safe this summer. With guests coming from all over the country we want to do the best we can to ensure everyone is as safe as possible. When we finalize our plan I will get that emailed to everyone so we all know what the plan is and how you can all help in this process.

Another thing we are seeing is that the airlines are changing their schedules. If they change their schedule you will be allowed hotel vouchers to spend the night if you wish just to let you know. Please email your new itinerary to Mary as you get them changed so we can coordinate the float planes schedules.


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