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Aug 1 Fishing Update

Fishing Update Aug 1st

I am sitting in my office in Elfin Cove with the window and the door open hoping for a breeze to blow some cool air in. Sweat rolling down my back. Very odd conditions here. The forecast for next week is rain every day. This week has been the hottest one of the summer for sure. Very little rain and very hot conditions. Made for some amazing sunsets each night.

Silver salmon are at Three Hill & Yakobi. Guests reported caching them at 80’ & 30’. Was not a red hot week for Silvers though. But in the Silvers defense the guests focus was on halibut this week more than salmon.

Halibut was slower this week for some fishermen. Biggest for the week was 230 lbs. Craig from Idaho caught it, over by the Old Oregon Trail spot. The Saddle, Cape Spencer, Soapstone, Yakobi Rock, all saw halibut caught this week. Black Rock Fish are still being caught by soapstone this week.

After Aug 11th the State of Alaska will no longer do testing at the Juneau Airport for Non Residents. You will have to get a test before you enter the state. We hope that you all will able to do this and still fish with us. If you have any questions or concerns please give me a call 801 558 2351.

I am doing my best to keep the website openings page up to date. Next year is filling up fast. I am working on 2022 but do not have it ready to release yet. Please let me know in advance of your interest in fishing with us, we want to try and fit everyone in the week you want. Thank you again to everyone that has fished with us this year, we realize it has been a challenge to get here this year, and we really appreciate it.


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