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Aug 12 Fishing Update

Aug 12 Fishing Update

Bad weather week! When the winds come up it really changes our fishing environment dramatically. We had a really good run there of great weather, and the past few days have reminded us of who is in charge and Mother Alaska is for sure! Pretty big seas in Cross Sound. We still fished but we had to be very cautious and careful where. Heavy rain at times. Heavy rain at times. Tonight Thursday we have a flood warning, 2 inches of rain expected tonight.

Silver salmon fishing has slowed down due to the windy fishing conditions. 14 Silvers in once boat, one day was the most. They were caught in front of Three Hill. Still lots of pinks out there. Each week I keep thinking the pinks will slow down, but they just keep flowing in. I am expecting the Silver salmon fishing to really take off once the winds settle down. With this amount of fresh water entering the ocean, they should really start flowing through South Pass.

Biggest Halibut for the week was 155 lbs. Halibut catch was down due to the windy conditions.



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