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Aug 28 Fishing Update

Aug 28 Fishing Update

Yes I will admit it. I was beginning to think that halibut was slowing down. Then I saw the look on Milos face after he came in with two really nice halibut. And then Scotts boat brought in Charlies big halibut. Elfin Cove is an amazing place.

These past two weeks we have had several groups that used to go to other lodges. It was really amazing to watch them walk up the boardwalk and look around. Wow this is nothing like I expected, this is a really unique place. Thank you to everyone for giving us a chance.

Silver salmon remain to be in front of Three Hill. The trollers have not yet moved in so that makes me think that the big schools of Silvers are still to show up. If you troll in front of Three Hill you will get your limit. It is not red hot but there are fish there. Ron and Rob left yesterday, 2 guys fishing Silvers primarily left with 8 boxes. Way to go! Pink hoochie with white and a tinsel skirt with a red 11” flasher and an 18” leader on a deep six 85’ out. We are still catching pink salmon, they just won’t stop, not sure how the streams will hold all of the pink salmon.

Biggest halibut for the week was 241 lbs. Wow what a trophy halibut! Caught around Lemesurier Island. Milo got a 155 & 109 lb. Nice job Milo! Love this time of year! Getting dark by 9:00.



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