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Dec 28 2021 Update

Dec 28 2021 Update

Looking forward to 2022! Hard to believe 2021 is almost over. Time seems to be going faster the older I get. Yesterday we got the marketing stuff out and made sure everything was ready to go. We are excited to go the Sports Shows again. - - For those of you in Sacramento area, the plan is for Mary and Claire to be at that show, so please stop by.

For those that might be new to our sight, how we do our booking process is we try and give first shot at future years to guests that have fished with us before we open that year up to new guests. So if there is anyone that has fished with us and wants to fish in 2024 please send me an email. I am starting to work on 2024 if you fish every year I should have you down. We are very grateful for our guests! You all are the best! 2022 has a few openings left but not very many. 2023 is getting full very quickly. - -

We are nearly finished with our staffing for the 2022 season. We again think we have been very lucky in finding some great positive staff. Last year will be tough to beat I will be honest, we had a great crew last year. We have a few returning that have worked for us before, Kamree, Justen, Matt, Bruce, Jake, Jeremy, Breanna, Bronco, Kaela, Jeremy, Dawson, and of course the Crump kids Claire and Nik and Jake and Paige. Last year we had a new face to our crew Matt (mechanic). Matt did all the behind scenes and kept everything running. If you see Matt in Elfin Cove please tell him thank you for me!

If you are a new guest for the 2022 season please start doing your homework! - - Regulations, tide charts, Nautical Charts are all things you should be studying!



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