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July 19th Update

We are starting our morning out with some light morning fog and drizzle. Near perfect fishing conditions. Oh and flat water. Wow we are into a nice stretch of weather. Yesterday it kicked up to 22 kts at Cape Spencer, but that is the only wind we have had for several days. It has been very nice calm water. Rained also yesterday off and on, but that is the first rain we have had in over a week. The forecast for the next 5 days has much more rain in it, but the Cross Sound Marine Forecast looks really really good. 10 kt winds with seas 2 foot or less. Yahoo!!!

King salmon are still being caught we had several yesterday, they were caught down the coast around the Yakobi Rock area. Pinks and Silvers are still going strong, most of the boats got their limit or very close to it. Halibut is still not red hot. We are seeing some nice fish, but we are having to work for them. Expecting a change for halibut fishing in the coming weeks, biggest halibut last week was 150 lbs.

This week at the Waters Edge building we had a lot of new guests. I will be honest we were a bit nervous, but wow they have all done great and are doing good. No broken equipment yet. So for those that are first timers, please get on the website and look at the new guest page and look at all the links, Salmon & Rock Fish Identification, ADF&G regulations, knots, how to troll and halibut fishing techniques. The more you can prepare before you get here the better.

From a Kelly and Mary perspective things seem to be going really well this year. We are very happy with how the crew is handling the work load and their attitude. It is a tough job they are doing and we are very grateful for them.



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