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June 17 Fishing Update

I think this has been the hottest day of the year so far for us. I saw on my phone 64 degrees. Doors and windows open for sure today. I know for those of you down south you see 64 degrees and you are sitting in 95 or 100 degrees, I guess it is all what we are used to, 64 seems hot to us here. We have been on a nice stretch for weather for sure, hope it lasts a bit longer.

King salmon are still doing great. We are catching then down the coast. The bite seems to be better in the morning and on an incoming tide. Guests are still reporting huge needle fish boils on the surface. The humpback whales are still down their feeding like mad on them.

Halibut still doing very well, we did have a few days where they slowed down. Jerry from Boise got his first over 100 lbs this week. He has been here over half a dozen times, and helped land several in his boat but this was the first time it was on his rod.

There seem to be lots of Ling Cod over the 35" mark and under the 55" mark that are being released. They are being caught down the coast around rocky areas where there are sea bass.

The crew are starting to get into fishing shape. It takes a few weeks to get into the swing of things. Very impressed so far with the staff this year.



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