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June 2nd Fishing Update

June 2nd

Self guided vs guided halibut fishing.

What does it mean? Self Guided? Or Unguided? To not have a guide or Captain? Last year I was on the Noble Eagle traveling to Elfin Cove with a new group of guests. One of them was asking some odd questions. To make a long story short he had gotten mixed up and was calling one of the other lodges in Elfin Cove that was guided and had no idea he was going on a self guided fishing trip. Yea I know pretty scary, I hope that everyone this summer is ready to go fishing self guided!

Start now doing some homework. - zoom in and out and look at the under water structure in our fishing area. Where can a halibut lay and rest and find food? Shallow shelfs next to deep water. We cannot in any way guide you when it comes to halibut fishing. Self guided Halibut fishing is exactly what it says. You are the guide no one will assist you in finding a spot to go fish for halibut. Please do not ask me where to fish for halibut I will not tell you. Please do not ask our staff where to fish for halibut they will not tell you either. You are on your own to find a halibut spot to fish. If you have questions about this please feel free to shoot me an email with questions or give me a call.

We have just two guests this week, they are doing good caught a few king salmon and some halibut so far. The crew have been fishing also this week, mainly for halibut. 74 lbs is the biggest so far.

The weather this week has been very hot. High 70s with no rain. Hoping for rain on Saturday. Hot days lead to windy afternoons. I much prefer some cloudy skies with a bit of rain and some calm water.



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