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June 6th 10 King Salmon

June 6 Fishing Update

Great first day! This was our first big day with a group of fishermen. They did pretty good. 10 Kings were brought in, and a good bunch of halibut. 94 lbs was the biggest. Kings were caught down the coast. Water was not great 4-6 foot swell with some chop. Rained most of the day. Most of the halibut seem to be coming from the Open Ocean side. We also had several pink salmon and one chum caught yesterday. Very excited about the pinks! Fresh Pink salmon bait is the best bait for halibut! I have some photos of the halibut but none for the King Salmon we seem to take photos of the kings with the guests cameras, but no one remembered to take one with my camera. We will do better at photos today.



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