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March 28, 2022

End of March Fishing Update

I wish I had a big fish story to tell you?? Maybe next week? We just got all the supplies shipped to Juneau. Next step is to fly to Alaska and get the ball rolling. Anxious to see what the King run will be like this year? If it is anything like last year I will be very happy! We are expecting the King limits to be 1 per day 3 per year, then July 1st I expect them to change to 1 per day 1 per year. We will keep you updated as the regulations are announced.

One thing weighing heavy on our minds are the fuel prices. We are hoping they do not go up to much. One thing that would help, is if you could not run the boat full throttle. When you run it full throttle the miles per gallon go up in a major way. If you back off the throttle a bit you loose a mile or two an hour but the fuel consumption is about half compared to going full throttle. Please please do not run full throttle. Another major factor is how much boating vs fishing you do each day. Make a good plan and go fish. The more you boat the less you fish??

Another shift or change you will notice this year, is the emphasis we put on safety. We cannot be too cautious. This is a good and bad problem, we have many guests who fish with us every year. And so as the years have progressed we have guests that have fished with us many many years. The problem that I am seeing is that these returning guests are growing in confidence. This can be good and bad. I do not wanna come out with a bunch of rules that restrict where you can go, please use caution in where you go and how you operate the boat. It only takes one small mistake to turn into a life threatening emergency. When around other boats use extreme caution, be careful not to cause a wake for the surrounding boats. When traveling make sure you know what is in front of you. Know the weather forecast for the day. Attend all safety orientations and pay attention, I know many of you have been through them many times, it is important and we want everyone to be safe.

Click this link for some good websites about fish identification ADF&G regs, NOAA maps - -

Hopefully the next update has some fish photos in it!!

Claire is working on stickers, if you have any good ideas for some good bumper stickers send them our way?



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